Vote For A Star

Nothing depicts courage like showcasing your skills and talent before a multitude of people. That is exactly what the amazing contestants of Greenwich’s Dancing Stars have committed themselves to. Every day till the day of the grand event, the dancing competitors learn and practice their vibes and rhythms, not for fame, fortune or prestige, but to help raise critical funds for Abilis, a leader who has been servicing the special needs community in Fairfield County, Connecticut, for more than 70 years. 


To make this event a success each of our stars has volunteered to help contribute to fundraising efforts. This year funds donated through Dancing with Stars will be used to support all of Abilis’ wonderful and supportive programs and services for the special needs community. 


Proceeds from the live and silent auctions, along with donations made to the dance teams will go directly to Abilis. All other event costs have been generously provided/underwritten by Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Greenwich.


Each dollar you donate is a vote for your favorite dancer. With just $1 you can make a great impact in someone’s life.

Brad And Erica Walker
Total raised $3,848.00
Trevor Crow
Total raised $1,851.00
Lindsay Darrell
Total raised $3,790.00
Afton Fraser
Total raised $9,222.00
Ayo Hart
Total raised $8,900.00
Melissa Levin
Total raised $2,040.00
Elaine Madonna
Total raised $26,350.00
Greg Masone
Total raised $10,315.00
Makeda Mays-Green
Total raised $5,965.00
Chris McCormack
Total raised $33,016.50
Carly Samalin
Total raised $34,863.00

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